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Instead of stopping in a field or a community center, they sneak onto a cricket pitch and play what they call footy. Admittedly, the nearest park may be several miles away and the pitch probably isn’t registered with the league. So, the group focuses on making their own rules. Instead of scoring goals, their ball is a half-size plastic bottle. Instead of referees, they rely on the opinions of the older boys. When their first game ends in a scoreless tie, they take the rules to their elders and ask them to settle the dispute. When they start playing soccer again at the end of the year, these five friends will likely be stuck with what the elders settled and won’t be able to bring the bottle ball back to their community to enjoy. Instead of using the real rules they learned and played with for months, they’ll have to come up with a new game plan. The practice of finding alternative ways to play soccer in underserved communities like the one on Mumbai’s Malabar Hill isn’t new. Around the globe, teenagers from broken communities turn to soccer to find a place to play. Even in the United States, many children from low-income neighborhoods play in unregistered youth leagues or abandoned parks. They turn to soccer because it’s a low-cost way to have fun and to learn the game. They use whatever equipment and tactics they can get their hands on. The experience isn’t always positive. Soccer leagues may be low-cost, but they are often run by a sport’s fanatics whose primary goal is winning and whose passion for the game ends when the season ends. When those small frustrations turn into larger conflicts, the experience can be downright destructive. The root cause of many of the growing tensions is the gap between the culture and the rules. Most teenagers grow up with a single set of rules: the soccer rules. These set of rules are enforced in youth leagues, organized adult games, and most amateur adult leagues. And, generally, these rules cover the basics. During the first few months of playing, new players must learn the five cardinal rules: Touch the ball with your foot. Do not kick the ball with your foot. Do not hold the ball with your hand. Pass the ball. Respect the goalies. In youth leagues, this creates a sense of structure. You have to start out




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Tu Hai Mera Sunday 1 Full Movie In Hindi 720p Torrent [Latest]

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